Growing up in middle class Australian society teaches one a lot of hard lessons.  The suppression of having to wear long socks, a tie, and a blazer to your private school each day, and having to shave the peach fuzz off your face once a fortnight is enough to push some to breaking point.  As your classmates, forced into monotony and convinced it is the key to success, seek jobs in medicine and law, those who can't bare to hear that alarm go off one more time seek something completely different..  To set that alarm to a ridiculously more earlier time chasing sunrises and the cheapest airfares. Tune in to discover "a coming of age story like so many others" (NT News) and welcome to Rowie's adventures.

Disclaimer:  For the moment however, unfortunately the alarm clock still strikes for Engineering classes and minimum wage jobs.

CHOOTZ - "to chill"